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Limited time promotion: Ribena you can EAT!

2015 September 3
by admin


While resting under a tree on a particularly hot and humid afternoon, our chef was hit on the head by a falling Ribena berry. And since the Laws of Gravity had already been spoken for, she decided to channel that eureka moment to create a confectionery masterpiece instead.

Presenting … The Ribena, a heavenly combination of not just one but four multi-colored layers of chiffon sponge with our specially formulated Ribena mousse, and crowned with generous swirls of sweet cream and valrhona opalys white chocolate mousse.

So stop waiting for your mom to say that it is good for you. Come savor The Ribena at The Patissier today!


Retail price: $48.15 for 500g (inclusive of GST)

Special promotion for Members: 20% discount for online orders placed during the period of 3rd September to 13th September

Have a majestic September with Majesty!

2015 August 27
by admin


For our Cake of the Month this September, The Patissier is bringing back one of our “royal” favorite… Majesty – a glorious composition of sweet cream and crunchy croquantes balls in-between layers of walnut sponge, encased in a milk chocolate mousse.
So come enjoy a majestical dessert experience at The Patissier with Majesty!




Retail price: $48.15 for 500g (inclusive of GST) 

Members will enjoy 15% discount for online orders throughout the month of September 2015.



Our Cake of the Month for August will make you go Ho-Ho-Horlick!

2015 July 29
by admin


For the month of August, The Patissier is proud to present Ho-Ho-Horlick – our very own pastry version of the local beverage delight.

Imagine a concoction of silky smooth chocolate chiffon sponge and creamy Horlick creme brulee, sandwiched between two succulent layers of chocolate sponge and generously topped off with crunchy Horlick-coated crumbles. The perfect dessert to celebrate SG50 and every other occasions!

So come feed your inner child and go Ho-Ho-Horlick today!


SG50 promotion for the month of August 2015:

  • Members of The Patissier will receive a 20% discount
  • Non-members will receive a 10% discount by entering the promo code “SG50” (for online order) or to quote “SG50” when making phone order.




The Patissier is going “lychee” this July!

2015 June 29
by admin


July is typically the start of the lychee season and The Patissier is pleased to present  Blueberry Lychee – a chiffon sponge cake layered with a delicate combination of lychee liquored mousse and blueberry mousse, complimented with a blueberry lychee glaze and succulent lychee popping – as our cake of the month.



For the month of July, members of The Patissier will receive 2 x $10 vouchers for every purchase of Blueberry Lychee. Non-member will receive 1 x $10 vouchers.


Terms and conditions:

-         Vouchers can only be used during the next purchase of a 500g cake.

-          Each $10 voucher can be used cumulatively for larger cakes at 500g intervals,  e.g.  you may use 3 vouchers in total  when you purchase a 1.5 kg cake.

-          Vouchers will be given upon collection or delivery of cake purchased.

-          Validity of vouchers: 3 months from the date of issuance.


So what’s happening on 21 June?

2015 June 1
by admin


It’s Father’s Day of course!


And to celebrate the occasion, The Patissier is pleased to present all fathers with Choc Full of Love -chocolate almond cake flavoured with Kirsch and layered with a deliciously smooth Valrhona chocolate ganache.

So whether he’s dad, daddy, papa or whatever other terms of endearment that he goes by, show him your love and appreciation this year with a Choc Full of Love!



Retail price: $48.15 for 500g (inclusive of GST)

Members will enjoy 20% off retail price for purchases during the period 1st – 30th June 2015


The Patissier celebrate turning 15 with limited edition Dim Sum Basket!

2015 May 19
by admin


The Patissier is celebrating our 15th anniversary on Tuesday, 2nd June 2015!


To commemorate the occasion and more importantly, express our sincere gratitude for your support through the years, we are launching a limited edition Dim Sum Basket for sale on that day.



The Dim Sum Basket is a perfect showcase of our creativity and clever incorporation of local ingredients into French pastry making – traits that are synonymous with The Patissier for the past 15 years.


Each basket contains seven new creations that combine the best of French-styled pastry techniques with traditional local flavours:

  • Soya Cotta – Soya panacotta complimented with a dollop of gula melaka syrup.
  • Bandung Choux – Bandung-flavoured mousse encrusted in a crunchy choux puff.
  • Milo Tart:  Milo-flavoured mousse with a crunchy Milo praline core.
  • Pulut Hitam:  Black glutinous rice mousse and jelly on top of a pandan sponge enveloped in coconut mousse.
  • Pineapple Tart: Pineapple cinnamon mousse topped with pineapple salsa and crisp.
  • Gula Melaka Choux: Choux puff infused with Gula Melaka mousse.
  • Jade Mirror: Pandan chiffon sponge with soya mousse, jazzed up with a spread of kaya cream.


Only  50 Dim Sum Baskets will be produced for sale on 2nd June 2015.  Each basket will retail at a delicious price of S$50 + GST.


Orders can be placed online by clicking the   icon on our website at


For enquiries or phone orders, please call The Patissier at 6737-3369.


Vive la France!

2015 May 4
by admin

The Patissier – a Singapore-grown patisserie that takes the very best of traditional French baking techniques and translates them into innovative and original sweet indulgences – is proud to be a participant of “Voilah! French Festival Singapore” this year.

Jointly organised by the L’Institut Francais de Singapour, the French Chamber of Commerce inSingapore, Sopexa and Ubifrance, this 6-week long festival to be held in May and June 2015 aims to promote all the aspect of French creativity and culture through a range of events that include music, fashion and gastronomy.

In conjunction with “Voilah! French Festival Singapore”, The Patissier is offering a 10% discount on some of our favourite creations made with the finest Valrhona Chocolate from France:

  • Pianissimo – The lightest of chocolate fudge sponge cake perfectly harmonized with the airiest of Valrhona Opaly white chocolate mousse. Every bite of this eggless cake is a melt-in-your-mouth moment!
  • Blondie - Valrhona Dulcey chocolate mousse on top of a chocolaty fudge sponge topped with caramelized pecan. A crunchy delight!
  • Chocolate Fudge - A melting smooth, dense and rich chocolate fudge cake made with the finest Valrhona Mariage De Grands Crus Caraibe Chocolate. Specially created for all hardcore Chocolate lovers!
  • Snuggle - A classic combination of sweet bananas and Valrhona Coeur De Guanaja Valrhona chocolate enveloped with our signature meringue sponge. A delightful treat to savour with that special someone!
  • Almond Latte - Coffee creme burlee juxtapose with Valrhona Opaly white chocolate mousse infused with espresso sitting on a roasted almond sponge. The perfect alternative for those in need of a caffeine fix!

To enjoy the discount, please visit our website at to place an order online (Click on the “Menu” tab followed by the “Voilah French Festival ’15″ Logo). Alternatively, please call us at 67373369 to enquire about the Voilah French Festival ’15 cakes promotion.

Promotion Period:   4 May 2015 – 21 June 2015

Venue:   The Patissier, 4 Mohd Sultan Road, #01-01Singapore 238955

Email: /

Phone:   67373369/62205565




Show Mom your love… with Mother’s Love!

2015 April 22
by admin

A Mother’s Love – is something that no one can explain. It is made of deep devotion, sacrifice and pain. It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may. For nothing can destroy it or take that love away!

So for this Mother’s Day, The Patissier is pleased to present Mother’s Love – our refreshingly light orange chiffon cake layered with a delicious combination of passion fruit and mango mousse filled with orange pearl jelly.


Mother’s Love is our little tribute to all the Queen Bee, Woman of the House, Chief Domestic Director… or that special person we simply know as… “Mom”!


Retail price: $46.01  (inclusive of GST)

VIP members shall enjoy a 15% discount off retail price for purchases during the period of 27th April – 10th May 2015





(Mango) Delight yourself this April!

2015 April 1
by admin

The Patissier is pleased to present Mango Delight, our cake of the month for April.

Come savor this mango mousse cake with vanilla chiffon sponge and crunchy almond biscuit base. It will sure to be a hit with all you mango lovers out there and make a convert out of those who aren’t. But don’t just take our words for it, come try our Mango Delight today!


The Patissier’s members will enjoy a 15% discount for all online purchases of Mango Delight for the period 1st – 30th April 2015. So log onto our website and place your order now!

Our “gift” to your little ones for Children’s day!

2014 September 24
by admin


This October 3rd, we are pleased to present our Children’s day pack – 1 gingerbread cookies, a pack of chocolate chip cookies and a rainbow push pop cake all neatly packed into a cute metal lunch box.


So come celebrate the joy of the occasion with your little ones at The Patissier!


Children’s day pack retails at $12+GST.


Inside my lunch to my surprise

a perfect heart-shaped love note lies.

The outside says, “Will you be mine?”

and, “Will you be my valentine?”

I take it out and wonder who

would want to tell me “I love you.”

Perhaps a girl who’s much too shy

to hand it to me eye to eye.

Or maybe it was sweetly penned

in private by a secret friend

Who found my lunchbox sitting by

and slid the note in on the sly.

My mind’s abuzz, my shoulders tense.

I need no more of this suspense.

My stomach lurching in my throat,

I open up my little note.

Then wham! as if it were a bomb,

inside it reads, “I love you—Mom.”

Excerpt taken from “Lunchbox Love Note” by Kenn Nesbitt