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We’ll make you go “Head over heels” this September!

2014 August 28
by admin


Imagine the flavour and texture of an irresistible confection featuring a cream cheese peanut butter mousse, chiffon sponge and an almond crush base. And to top things off, a splash of Amarula liqueur is added for that extra bit of kick.



Deliciously tempting, yes?

So come fall *”Head over heels” in love with The Patissier this September!


The Patissier’s VIP members will receive a 15% discount off retail price for purchase of “Head over heels” throughout the month of September 2014.

 * contains Amarula liqueur

Good o’ Jack in a truffle!

2014 August 19
by admin


Question:   What’s better than chocolate?

Answer:    Truffle made from a Jack Daniel’s whiskey ganache and covered with rich Valrhona Milk Chocolate, brought specially to you by The Patissier!

So come experience the endorphin rush from our JD Truffle. It will sure to heighten your sense of happiness but more importantly, satisfy that chocolate craving!



Retail price: $18 + GST

Promotion price from 20-31 Aug at $16.20+GST.  

Members shall enjoy a 20% discount off retail price.



So what goes into the making of our dessert buffet?

2014 August 5
by admin

And why does it cost what it costs??

Let us take you through the works of our latest dessert buffet event. This is a birthday party for a 9 year old girl with about 100 guests.

For starters, our chef began preparing for this event a month before. This involved discussions between our event designer and chefs on what dessert items to produce in accordance to the theme of the party (in this case, a Sports theme). Once the plan was agreed upon, production began where our chefs started making all the individual pastry items that were needed for the event.

On the actual day of the party, our chefs were already hard at work during the wee hours of the morning (when most people were still deep in dreamland), putting all the dessert items together. The process took a full 10 hours before all the items were ready for delivery to the party venue.

Upon arrival at the party venue, our event designer and chefs would commence setting up of the dessert buffet (and yes, this included blowing up of balloons too!). As the desserts were replenished during the course of the party, our chefs would have to be on duty on-site for the whole duration of the event.

From the sheer number of dessert items and the attention to details that goes into each item, one can begin to appreciate the time and effort that we spent in catering for our dessert buffet.

And judging by our final handiwork and signs of approval we received from the guests and more importantly, our paying customer, the consensus is that our dessert buffet is certainly value for money.


So come talk to us if you are planning a dessert buffet party soon!


Our National Day “serving” to the nation!

2014 July 23
by admin


As our nation turns 49 this coming August,  The Patissier is pleased to commemorate this momentous occasion with Stars Arising - a dense chocolate cake flecked with rum-soaked raisins, almonds and biscuits. We promise a rich, crunchy delight with every bite!



Whether you are watching the parade in the comfort of your home, or perched somewhere outside to catch the fireworks, Stars Arising will sure to satisfy the sweet cravings of both you and your loved ones.

Stars Arising retails for $43.50 but for the month of August, our members will receive a 20% discount off this cake.



The Patissier’s Privacy Policy

2014 July 5
by admin

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is a legislation that prevents your personal data from being

(I) collected without your consent; and

(II) used for purposes that are not made known to consumers

PDPA is a response to growing concerns that companies are increasingly collecting personal information and/or disclosing them to third party organisations without consumers’ permission. At The Patissier, we deem the trust that customers have in us to be of paramount importance.

In the interests of transparency, The Patissier would like to clarify its policies regarding the data we collect.


What is personal data and when are they collected?

Personal data refers to data that is disclosed to The Patissier through various means, including but not limited to: registration, reservations, purchasing, mailing lists, promotional events, among others.


How does The Patissier use the data collected?

We may use your personal data to contact you for marketing purposes: This includes e-mails and text messages that are sent for the purposes of introducing new product/promotions, gentle reminder of cake collection and for verification of information.

You may opt out of these messages at anytime by calling our mainline, emailing us or selecting the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the messages sent to you.

We would also like to strongly emphasize that we do not sell your information to any third party organisations.


Is my personal data secure?

We are committed to providing high level of security and controls to protect your personal information against unauthorized access. Making sure your personal information is secured is very important to us. Your personal information is retained as long as the purpose for which it was collected remains and until it is no longer necessary for legal purpose.

You may update your personal information by calling, writing and emailing us using the options provided below.

Mainline: +65 6737 3369
Address: 4 Mohd Sultan Road, #01-01 S(238955)

Welcome to “The Cellar”!

2014 July 1
by admin


“The Cellar” is the latest collection of our alcohol-infused cakes that will sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys that extra “kick” in their desserts.


In addition to long-time favorites like Tiramisu (contains Kahlua), Indulgence (contains Amarula Liqueur) and Devotion (contains Lychee Liqueur), we have introduced 3 new cakes to the collection:


D’Marnier: Moist chocolate sponge, layered with smooth Valrohna chocolate ganache  enriched with the flavors of Grand Mariner.

Head over heels: Cream cheese peanut butter mousse, chiffon sponge on an almond crunch base, with a splash of Amarula Liqueur thrown in for good measure.

Razzle Dazzle: Mocha-flavored mousse atop a layer of chiffon sponge, topped with a cloak of Jack Daniel’s whisky-spiked mousse.


What sets “The Cellar” apart from other alcohol-flavored cakes in the market is that our chefs have incorporated branded alcohols into their recipes. So with the Razzle Dazzle, we are talking about the real Uncle Jack, the Old No. 7, the Black Label… well, you get the drift.


“The Cellar” is now opened for business and you can simply order the cakes by clicking on the selection in our website menu.


We can promise that “The Cellar” will not make you fail a breathalyzer test. But we cannot promise that you will not return for more!


And to celebrate the launch of “The Cellar”, we like you to tell us the funniest/most unforgettable incident that happened to you while intoxicated.  The best entry (based on our decision, which is final) will win a cake of your choice from “The Cellar” (self-collection only). Contest runs from July 1st – July 15th. All entries to be sent to our email at Please include your name and contact number with your entry.


Cake shop walk-about: Adriano Zumbo @The Star, Sydney

2014 June 24
by admin


Adriano Zumbo is one of Sydney’s most celebrated pâtissiers. He started his pastry chef apprenticeship in Sydney in 1997 and has worked under culinary icons in both Australia and France, including Ramon Morato and Pierre Hermé.

Adriano Zumbo opened his his first patisserie in Balmain (a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney) in 2007. Today, he owns five patisseries: Balmain, Star City (Pyrmont), Rozelle, Waverley (all within Sydney) and Melbourne. Some of you may recall seeing Adriano on the first season of MasterChef Australia, where he introduced the croquembouche to an even wider audience thereby making him synonymous with macarons. Besides managing his patisseries and making guest appearances on television, Adriano also has an observational documentary TV series as well as a book to his name.

Zumbo’s creations are unique in their names, the technique with which he creates them, and the incorporation of unusual ingredients, such as black olive and beetroot (sic). And as you can see from the photos we took, his concept store at The Star in Sydney is quite a spectacle!

….. …..



And then there’s the famous macarons!

We were especially intrigued by the attention to detail on the “mylo can” cake pieces, right down to the “DO NOT LITTER” and “PLEASE RECYCLE” messages on top of each can.


The store adopts an open kitchen concept, so you can actually see the chefs going about working on their creations.

And judging by the queue of customers (many of whom looked local) even before the store opened for business that morning, we can certainly attest to the claim that “Sydneysiders Love Zumbo”!




Adriano Zumbo @The Star

Shop 1, Cafe Court
The Star
80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Opening Hours – Patisserie

Monday | 11am – 10pm

Tuesday to Thursday | 11am – 11pm

Friday & Saturday | 11am – Midnight

Sunday | 11am – 9pm

Cake shop walk-about: La Renaissance Patisserie, Sydney

2014 June 15
by admin


La Renaissance Patisserie was founded in 1974 by the husband and wife team of Pierre and Sally Charkos. The original shop was located in East Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore, where Paris-trained Pierre quickly established his reputation for his exquisite French cakes and pastries.  

La Renaissance Patisserie and Café opened in The Rocks (a couple of minutes’ walk from the Museum of Contemporary Art at Sydney Harbor) in 1992 and has since became a local landmark.


 Their signature cakes include

·        Mousse Picasso - Layers of white and dark chocolate Valrhona chocolate mousse, wrapped in folds of Valrhona milk chocolate.

·        Monet – Layers of vanilla sponge and bavaroise with raspberries, wrapped in folds of white chocolate.

·        Zulu – Valrhona chocolate mousse with a chewy salted caramel “Araguani” Ganache centre, macaron biscuit and flourless chocolate biscuit base.

The individual cake pieces cost anywhere upwards of A$5 for take-away. The Zulu, for example, will cost you 9 Aussies. The whole cakes typically sell for between $30+ (serves 4 -6 pax) to $A40+ (serves 6 – 8 pax).

One has the option of either take-away or dine-in at the Café. La Renaissance accept pre-orders and they also do deliveries. They are open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm and are supposedly only closed for 4 days in a year.

And judging by the constant stream of people thronging the shop during the 30 minutes that we were there last Friday afternoon, one can certainly conclude that La Renaissance is popular with Sydneysiders (what people who live in Sydney are called) and tourists alike.



La Renaissance Patisserie

47 Argyle Street The Rocks
Sydney NSW 2000



Father’s Day…sounds familiar?!

2014 June 4
by admin

Father’s Day… the “poorer cousin” of Mother’s Day. How else would one describe a day of observance that is created as a compliment of another? Mention Mother’s Day and carnations, cakes and “giving mom a day of rest from her chores” come straight to mind. But we are likely to draw a blank when talking about Father’s Day. Many of us may even struggle to remember the day – the third Sunday of June, when Father’s Day is celebrated.


So why does Father’s Day seems less of a deal compared to Mother’s Day? The answer probably lies with tradition, where mother is regarded as the sole nurturer of a child – a tradition that persisted even into our modern time.


Because of tradition, the role of father is often relegated to a secondary status – he is simply the provider for the family, the “man of the house”, the “wait till your daddy comes home” threat to keep our children in-line. But if mothers are perceived as “heroes” of child rearing, the contribution of fathers towards the development and emotion well being of a child is equally significant. For daughters, father is the ideal man and also the first man they adore. For sons, father is an idol and the strongest man they aspire to be. A father is also the main source of guidance for the children, be it emotionally, physically, financially and socially.


So for Father’s Day this year, let us come together to honor the understated individual that we affectionately call “dad”.


And to all fathers out there,

“Meet” our chef – Pui Ling

2014 May 26
by admin


Pui Ling joined The Patisserie as décor chef in 2011 and has since become an integral member of our décor team. Prior to The Patisserie, Pui Ling has worked as a Chef De Partie (CDP) at The Hyatt.


With nimble fingers and endless creativity, Pui Ling has elevated cake decoration into an art form. She is responsible for many of our beautiful master-pieces that made customers go “wow” and kept them (and their wallets) coming back for more.




The décor work on a cake can take anywhere between a few hours to days, depending on the complexity of the decoration. According to Pui Ling, the most complex décor that she has ever laid hands on was this particular wedding cake, which took a total of 12 hours and over the course of 3 days to complete!  


Those of us who know Pui Ling will say that she is the conscientious, non-frivolous and down-to-earth sort. Her colleagues describe Pui Ling as being neat and meticulous, paying attention to the minutest details. She is also very helpful and possesses tons of patience. 

















Outside of work, Pui Ling enjoys swimming and also indulges in the favorite pastime of many Singaporean – Shopping! But being the devoted mom, she spends most of her free time tending to her toddler.

And no prize for guessing who her favorite MediaCorp male artiste is!